13 December 2018

In-house tree service for RFT

A new in-house tree team is providing a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly service for RFT.

Since October, specially trained operatives have been carrying out all works to communal trees including: felling (removing the tree to stump), crown lift (removing the lower branches) and pollarding (reducing the crown size by removal of upper limbs to promote a dense head of foliage through future growth).

In addition, all wood chippings created by the team are used on communal grounds which includes at Flagship’s new developments, or by a local land owner’s biomass plant machine to generate green energy.

RFT Field Manager Glen Ray said: “The new service has been going really well. Although the operatives are highly qualified as arboriculturalists, they can also provide support to their grounds maintenance colleagues to provide other services.

“By bringing the tree service in-house we are providing better value for money for the business and therefore our customers.”