With our knowledge and experience of delivering services to over 22,000 properties across the region, we have fine-tuned how we do things to continue to deliver a great service, and built a great team of qualified specialists to achieve this.

We have highly skilled Trade Operatives across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex, and two distribution centres that hold the most frequently used stock. As a result, we can respond quickly to your needs, arriving with the right parts to complete a job on the first call.

We do the right repair for the property based on in depth property data – which means each repair is different. The future direction and value of a property to us is crucial and therefore depends on how much work we do, or the type of work we do. 

Working with you

We pride ourselves on understanding your business and your requirements to give you the right solution for your property portfolio. We do everything we can do to help manage your assets effectively and maintain the investment you’ve made. This means you can decide which of our services you would like to use.

For more information about how we can work with you please contact us.


From the moment we take a repair we stock our vans with the right materials and send the right Trade Operative to make the diagnosis, and complete the repair there and then. This efficiency results in more completed jobs and less re-visits, which provides value for money for you and a happy tenant.


We strategically positioned our distribution centres and Trade Operatives to reduce unnecessary travel time. We care about our fuel economy and every mile saved helps keep costs to you down and our environmental impact low.

The right materials

We constantly review our work, in particular stock quality and ordering, to make sure we get the best material at the best price so we can pass on our savings to you.

Building strong relationships

We work with our suppliers and clients to get the right solution. Working closely together enables us to increase the sustainability of the various value chains we operate, from making sure we have the right materials available when needed. This approach enables us to identify issues and opportunities to refine and improve our environmental pe

Community driven

We believe in giving back to communities and look to invest locally, financially or through initiatives to create a real social impact as well as business benefits.

RFT Services brochure

You can also find out more information about the services we offer in our brochure.