We understand the employee journey and we know we are doing the right things for the right people. Our staff are highly engaged and committed – we know because they have told us. We do this by continuing to create an amazing place to work for amazing people to deliver services which truly matter to our customers.

We provide flexible benefits which enables employees to choose what’s important to them.

We nurture our talent and provide opportunities to develop our future workforce. We are continually improving what we do and how we do it.

So, it’s our people who have created RFT as an organisation that is a unique and inspiring place to be. Every role, no matter where in the business, plays a valuable part in delivering a service to match the needs of our customers. We are always looking to employ the best people - people who are looking to inspire us and be inspired. If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you.

Gender Pay Gap

All UK companies with more than 250 employees are now required by the government to publish a gender pay gap report on an annual basis.

The gender pay gap shows the difference in the average earnings between men and women:

  • regardless of the job they have and
  • compares the average hourly rate between men and women


This is different to equal pay, which is about ensuring that both men and women receive the same pay for doing the same work. We do pay men and women the same for doing the same job.

For there not to be a gender pay gap, there would need to be the same number of men and women occupying the same number of the same roles within each organisation.

At RFT Services we offer job opportunities for everyone regardless of gender. We are committed to promoting gender equality and doing all we can to positively influence any pay gaps.

Find out more about our gender pay gap and what we are doing below: 

Gender Pay Gap report 2018

Gender Pay Gap report 2017